Gestalt- transpersonal Therapist
Maria Vázquez Herranz


Unleashing your own potential and moving towards it.
Learn how to be the change you are looking for.

Do you feel suffocated by your work? Are you dissatisfied by your professional life and feel you can’t live out of your passion? Don’t even know what your passion is? Do you want to move onto a more rewarding career but don’t know how or you are afraid to? You can’t fathom the idea of having to spend another day between these four walls? Do you feel lonely? Can’t find a person to share your life with? Does it frustrate you when you see relatives and friends enjoying life as a couple? Is your relationship rid with conflicts but you and your partner don’t know how to resolve them? Does the same type of conflict repeat itself over and over again in your relationships and want it resolved?

Do you feel you're at the end of your tethers, both personally and professionally? 

There’s a reason behind that debilitating pain YOU feel right now. This pain manifests itself in several ways.

You might feel confused as a result of an emotional blockage.
Or you might feel overwhelmed by a life situation.
Or perhaps you might even be addicted to conflictive situations and emotions.

Whatever they are, these factors generate feelings of isolation, disability, fear, stagnation and several other forms of pain.
Pain that immobilises you and leaves you frustrated and dissatisfied.
Pain which, makes it impossible for you to take another step forward, and constantly holds you back. 

You need a change.
Plus, you need a clear reference to accompany you along this regenerative process – you need a therapist.



If you neither can’t nor want to continue suffering…

If you're motivated to change

If you want to go beyond what’s known to you…

If you question your own limitations, and want to delve into your subconscious to find out what's causing you to feel this way…

If you think it's time to find another way to see things, another way of thinking, another way of living…

If you are willing to discipline your mind to train yourself to think in an honest, responsible, functional, abundant, reliable and practical way…


Transpersonal Therapy will help you discover the reasons that have put you in the path you are in and the value you've given them as opposed to the value they actually have.

Transpersonal Therapy will help you overcome your limits.

Without imposing, without demanding.

But with an understanding that will drive you towards experiencing the motivation to change and try something new.

Transpersonal Therapy will help you:

  • Discern between your own interpretations and what is happening.

  • Expand the vision you have about the situation,

  • Identify a new broader and more functional system of reference to help you understand and take responsibility for your part in the situation,

  • Adopt references and structures that will help you modify addictive patterns that are generating your suffering,

  • Strengthen and better manage your emotions,

  • Become more vital and effective in appropriating the energy that contains your emotions,

  • Be more aware of your internal references,

  • Take action to unlock and enhance your new skills, and

  • Make way for a broader understanding of yourself and allow it to live in your mind.


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