Grupos de terapia


What can you expect from your Transpersonal Group Therapy session?

A transpersonal therapy group session is the ideal space to release your dependencies, explore your potential, improve communication in your relationships, learn new ways of understanding and dealing with conflicts, learn to listen to yourself internally versus listening to what is being presented to you by your environment, and integrate the areas of your life you’ve denied yourself. During your Transpersonal Therapy Group sessions:

  • You will learn how other participants think, and discover other points of view that differ from your own beliefs and programming. This can help you relate to others in a different way than usual.
  • You will observe your associations and conditionings reflected in the rest of the participants, and the changes that you and all of them are going to experience over time. 
  • You will see how childhood wounds have an impact on your present interactions and you will be able to heal them in order to mature and rid yourself of these traumas and dramas,
  • You will be able to read the subtle movements and interactions that occur in relationships, such as energy or attention management, energy depletion, disconnections with yourself and with your feelings caused by your urge to please others or to belong, etc.,
  • You will discover new ways to interact which, you will be able to apply to and benefit from in all areas of your life,
  • You will learn to accept responsibility of the moment when you and the other participants meet - a fundamental part of the relationship between members of a group.

In the course of your transpersonal therapy group sessions, you will grow together. It will not always be easy. Sometimes it will be painful because we will share our darkest moments, embarrassments, traumas and fears in order to be able to overcome them. But the results will surprise you. Are you prepared?


We meet one Sunday a month from 10: 00h to 14: 00h.


Madrid: Aula Multiuso-Madrid Plaza de España. Cuesta de San Vicente, 10, apto 2, piso 1º.
Ávila: Arenas de San Pedro

Simply join any of the various groups currently available.
I’d only ask you to contact me prior to your enrolment to discuss your personal situation and to identify the group that best suits your needs.
Please confirm your attendance in advance. Should you be unable to attend, please notify me within 72 hours of the session by:


Calling this number: +34 625 698 749.
By email:
Or by filling up the contact form you’ll find here.